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The Red Category

No. 3/40/2003-IND (XV)

Government of Goa,
Directorate of Industries,
Trade & Commerce,
Udyog Bhavan,
Panaji, Goa



Whereas vide Notification No. 1/49/2000/S (IND)/Vol.II dated 4.8.2003, published in the Official Gazette, Extraordinary No.4 Series I No. 18 dated 6.8.2003, the Government of Goa notified the Goa Industrial Policy, 2003 (hereinafter referred to as the "said Policy").

Now, in pursuance of "said Industrial Policy" the Government of Goa is pleased to classified the industries as under:-

Following Manufacturing industries are classified under Red category.
1. Fertilizer (Basic) (excluding formulation )
2. Pulp & paper (paper manufacturing with or without pulping)
3. Chlor alkali
4. Dyes and Dye-intermediates
5. Pesticides (Technical) (excluding formulation)
6. Petrochemicals (manufacturing of and not merely use of as raw material)
7. Synthetic rubber
8. Industrial Carbon including electrodes and graphite blocks , activated carbon, carbon black, etc
9. Pigments and intermediates
10. Resins
11. Petroleum products involving storage, transfer or processing
12. Lubricating oils, greases or petroleum-based products
13. Manufacturing of Granules, Synthetic fibre including rayon, tyre cord, polyester filament yarn
14. Surgical and medical products involving prophylactics and latex
15. Chemical, petrochemical and electrochemical including manufacturing of acids such as Sulphuric Acid, Nitric Acid, Phosphoric Acid, etc
16. Chlorates, perchlorates and peroxides
17. Glue and gelatine
18. Vegetable oils including solvent extracted oils, hydro-generated oils
19. Asbestos and asbestos-based industries
20. Steel and steel products including coke involving use of any of the equipments such as blast furnaces, open hearth furnace, induction furnace or arc furnace, etc or any of the operation or process such as heat treatment, acid pickling, rolling or galvanizing, etc
21. Lime manufacturing
22. Tobacco products including cigarettes and tobacco processing
23. Coal liquefaction, coal tar distillation or fuel gas making
24. Phosphorous and its compounds
25. Explosives including detonators, fuses, etc
26. Fire Crackers other than cottage industries
27. Chlorine, fluorine, bromine, iodine and their compounds
28. Hydrocyanic acid and its derivaties
29. Ceramic/refractories
30. Manufacturing of Mirror from sheet glass
31. Sugar (Excluding Khandsari)
32. Coke Making

Following Processing and/or Servicing industries are classified under Red category:-
1. Oil refinery (Mineral Oil or Petro refineries)
2. Tanneries
3. Zinc smelter
4. Copper smelter
5. Aluminum smelter
6. Yarn and Textile processing involving scouring, bleaching, dyeing, printing or any effluent/emission generating process
7. Dry coal processing
8. Phosphate rock processing plants
9. Coal liquification, coal tar distillation or fuel gas making
10. Processes involving chlorinated hydrocarbons
11. Anodizing
12. Lead Processing
13. Distilling industry fragmentation
14. Thermal power plant
15. Iron & Steel (Involving processing from ore/scrap/Integrated steel plant.


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