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The vision of the Department of Industries, Trade & Commerce is to ensure accelerated industrial development, catalyze economic growth, ensure balanced regional growth, protect environment and above all, create sustainable employment to local youth of the state.


The Key objectives and the mission of the Department are:-

  1. Promote industries, specifically identified as “ Thrust Areas” viz.

    a. Pharmaceuticals, Drugs and Biotech industries.
    b. Food processing and agro based industries.
    c. IT and IT – enabled services.
    d. Eco, Heritage, Adventure, Event and Medical Tourism and
    e. Entertainment Industry.
  1. Develop Goa as the “Export/Import Hub” and encourage export oriented industries.

  1. Develop self-employment opportunities for the local youth especially in Rural and Semi Urban areas

  1. To provide state -of -the - art infrastructure to accelerate industrial growth in the State.


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