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Brief History of the Public Authority

During pre-Liberation time work related to the promotion and regulation of industries in Goa, was looked after by "Direçao de Economia" (Directorate of Economic Services) which comprised Public Works, Land Survey, Industries & Mines, Civil Supplies and Weight & Measures.

Post Liberation, the Directorate of Industries & Mines was separated from the above Directorate of Economic Services and began functioning independently.

Traditionally Goa was a rural economy with a strong mining base. Now, Goa has transformed into a fast growing industrial sector.

In the year 2002, vide Government Notification no 23/1/87-GA & C dated 06.9.2002 the Directorate of Industries & Mines was further bifurcated into two offices: i) Directorate of Industries, Trade & Commerce ii) Directorate of Mines & Geology


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