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The Green Category

Following Manufacturing industries are classified under Green category:-

1. Pharmaceutical Formulation (Injectables and tablets)
2. Bakery Products, Biscuits, Confectionery
3. Ice-cream or Ice –making
4. Tailoring and garments making
5. Cotton and woolen hosiery
6. Apparel making
7. Handloom weaving
8. Shoelace manufacturing
9. Gold and Silver smithy
10. Leather footwear and leather products excluding tanning and Hide processing
11. Musical instruments manufacturing
12. Sports goods
13. Bamboo and cane products (only dry operation)
14. Cardboard or corrugated box and paper products (Paper or Pulp manufacturing excluded)
15. Insulation and other coated papers (Paper or pulp Manufacturing excluded)
16. Scientific and Mathematical instruments
17. Furniture (Wooden and steel)
18. Assembly of domestic electrical appliances
19. Radio assembling
20. Fountain pens
21. Ropes (Cotton, Fishnet and Synthetic)
22. Carpet Weaving
23. Assembling of air coolers, conditioners, refrigerators and other Home appliances
24. Assembling of bicycles, baby carriage and other small non- Motorized vehicles
25. Electronics equipments (Assembling)
26. Toys
27. Paint (by mixing process only)
28. Candles
29. Carpentry (excluding saw mill)
30. Oil ginning/expelling (no hydrogenation/refining)
31. Jobbing and machining
32. Manufacture of steel trunks and suitcases
33. Paper pins and U-clips
34. Block making for printing
35. Optical frames
36. Power looms/handlooms (without dyeing & bleaching)
37. Printing Press
38. Garments stitching, tailoring
39. Thermometer making
40. Footwear (rubber)
41. Plastic processed goods and goods manufactured from garments like nylon, plastic, polyesters, PVC by process of moulding and /or extrusion including filaments and fiber.
42. Medical and surgical instruments
43. Electronic and electrical goods
44. Rubber goods industry
45. Light engineering involving pressing and machining Operation
46. Manufacturing and assembling of D. G. sets
47. Manufacturing and assembling of computer and computer Peripherals
48. I.T. industries.
49. Cotton spinning and weaving
50. Flour Mill (excluding domestic Aata chakki
51. Organic Nutrients
52. Surgical and Medical products not involving effluents/emission Generating process
53. Laboratory – ware
54. Wire drawing (cold process) and bailing straps
55. Atta – chakkies
56. Rice mullors
57. Steeping and processing of grains
58. Mineralised water
59. Dal mills
60. Groundnut Decorticating (Dry)
61. Supari (betelnut ) and masala grinding
62. Gold and Silver thread zari work
63. Pulverizing.

Following Processing and/or Servicing industries are classified under Green category:-
1. Milk Processing and Dairy products (Integrated project)
2. Food including fruits and vegetables processing
3. Fish processing
4. Chilling plant and Cold Storages
5. Leather footwear and leather products excluding tanning and hide processing
6. Jobbing and machining
7. Automobile servicing and repairs stations.

Note: Any Industry/industrial activity which do not fall under any of the above mentioned four categories (i.e. Red, Orange, Specific Orange and Green), decision with regards to their categorization/classification, will be taken by the Government from time to time when such need arises either suo moto or on the specific request by the Industrial unit or Industrialist. (Industrial unit or Industrialist may apply to the Director of Industries in this respect for necessary action)

This issues after considering the guidelines/suggestions given by the Goa state Pollution Control Board and Department of Science, Technology and Environment. By Order and in the name of the Governor of Goa

Smt. Jayshree Raghuraman,
Secretary (Industries)
Panaji, 25th November, 2004.


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