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Facilitation Counter
Facilitation Counter

The Government of Goa under the new Goa Industrial Policy, 2003, has formulated various new schemes for the benefit of industrial units in the State of Goa. With a view to assist the entrepreneurs in filling the requisite forms, give information as regards the various schemes implemented by the Department of Industries, Trade and Commerce, the Government has set up a Facilitation Counter in the Directorate which is located on the Ground Floor at the entrance of the Directorate of Industries, Trade and Commerce, Udyog Bhavan, Panaji-Goa.

Following Facilities are provided at the counter for entrepreneurs and the public in general:

1. Selling of application forms for filling Part-I and Part-II of Entrepreneurs Memorandum, other application forms for availing the benefits of various schemes formulated under the Goa Industrial Policy, 2003 Citizen’s Charter and other priced publications pertaining to the Department of Industries, Trade and Commerce.

2. Providing to entrepreneurs and other interested parties, various other forms viz. forms for filling Part-I and Part-II of Entrepreneurs Memorandum. The forms for the New Schemes will be provided as and when notified by the Government.

3. Providing information to the entrepreneurs as regards the schemes which are implemented by the Directorate under the Goa Industrial Policy 2003, filling various application forms referred to above and assisting them in clarifying about the documents to be enclosed along with the applications.

4. Scrutiny of the application forms filled as regards to filling of Part-I and Part- II of Entrepreneurs Memorandum, applications for change of location, constitution, of the units with reference to Medium Micro and Small Enterprises, all at the entry point itself.

For details and any enquiry about the schemes and various incentives provided, the Assistant Director (Industries) or Industries Inspector at the Facilitation Counter which is situated at the entrance of the DITC premises may be contacted. The Facilitation Counter is situated at the entrance of the DITC premises.


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