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E.M. Part 1
E.M. Part - I

a) Any person who intends to establish a Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise engaged in the production/manufacture of products or providing/rendering of services may file Part-I of the Entrepreneur's Memorandum to the District Industries Centre, which is headed by the General Manager (DIC).
b) The new MSMED Act, 2006, the term "industry" has been replaced by "Enterprise" with a view to emphasize the importance of service sector enterprises in the country. Under this Act, enterprises have been broadly classified into two categories viz:
i) Manufacturing Enterprises
ii) Service Enterprises.

i) Manufacturing Enterprises have been defined in terms of investment in Plant and Machinery (excluding land and buildings) and further classified into:
* Micro Enterprises - investment up to Rs. 25 lakh.
* Small Enterprises - investment above Rs. 25 lakh and up to Rs. 5 crore.
* Medium Enterprises- investment above Rs.5 crore and up to Rs.10 crore.

ii) Service Enterprises - have been defined in terms of their investment in equipment and further classified into:
* Micro Enterprises - investment up to Rs.10 lakh.
* Small Enterprises - above Rs.10 lakh and up to Rs.2 crore
* Medium Enterprises - above Rs. 2 crore and up to Rs.5 crore

The Director of Industries, Trade and Commerce, as well as, the General Manager (DIC) reserve the right to seek Project Report and other relevant information required to ensure the types of raw materials proposed to be used in the manufacturing process, type of machinery involved and other aspects of the unit.

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