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The State of Goa today needs to catalyze economic growth through accelerated industrial development. The main objective would be to create sustainable employment opportunities mainly to the people of Goa. The Directorate of Industries, Trade & Commerce has gone all out to enhance an environment friendly development while ensuring a balanced growth of regions and has set in place a facilitative environment which would explore and unleash the energies of the private sector wherein industry, both existing and new can prosper.

Many initiatives, proposals and schemes are being pursued by the Directorate and a wholesome approach of accelerated industrial development is being adopted. A Cluster Development Programme is being encouraged with a well defined strategy for Goa centric clusters. This is particularly strong towards agro-based and Food Processing units. In terms of the Goa Industrial Policy, schemes have been reviewed and a considerable push is being given towards promotion of these schemes in the current financial year. This compendium will definitely enhance dissemination of information in this regard. Efforts are on to locate one mother unit in each district so as to trigger anciliarisation.

The Prime Ministers Employment Generation Programme (MPEGP) has its loan capacity level increased to Rs.2500 lakhs and the subsidy component is 15 percent for urban development and 25 percent for rural areas. A separate Counseling and Facilitation Service to help budding entrepreneurs realize their dream has been put in place. High level interaction with the banking fraternity and survey of industrial sickness have been conducted so as to ease credit delivery for units undergoing some difficulty due to the meltdown.

Financial help to the Biotech industries through schemes revised as per the Biotech Policy has also been put in place. Proposals to set up a Bio-incubator, Apparel Training Centre and revival of TRTC is also in the pipeline. A trade exhibition with a view to promote sourcing from within the State is also planned in the current financial year.

Anticipate that entrepreneurs would take advantage of the steps and measures initiated by the Directorate of Industries, Trade & Commerce and Industry Associations and stakeholders would lend their helping hand as well as expertise in furthering this cause.


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