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1 A-4 Agencia Com. International. Plastic Botteles
2 P-1A Akrati Tiles & Marbles Flooring tiles
3 D2-10 Alfa Tiles Floring Tiles
4 B-3 & 4 Amigo Extrusion Tech corrugated boxes
5 P-68, 69 & 39 A Anmol Granite Pvt. Ltd. Mosaic tiles cutting & polishing marbles
6 D3-6 Anuradha Capacitors Capacitors
7 D3-5 Anuradha Electronics  Capacitors
8 P-6 Apollo Sea Food Frozen shrimps cold storage
9 D2-7 Aqua Plast Pvt. Ltd. Rigid PVC bottles
10 P-12 Art-I-Fact Olastic Items
11 C-10 Atharva Polymers Plastic Contairs
12 D2-6 Bharati Timber Journery Modern furniture
13 D3-16 C. F. Polymers Electronics Products
14 P-32, to 35 & 44 to 47 Chemo Wood Industries Processing of wood
15 A-1,& D3-12 CMM Logistics Pvt. Ltd. Air conditioners & refrigeration & Logistic
16 C-23 Datson Chemicals Inorganic chemicals
17 C-6 Deccan Enterprises Steel Furniture
18 P-80, 81 Deep Industries Plastic sheets, film, bags & macaroni product.
19 D3-9 Flex Art Foil Pvt. Ltd. Printing of flexible painting materials & PVC films.
20 P-16 Ganga Chemicals Phenyl & liquid soap
21 P-2 Garware Goa Nets ( Sainet Ltd. ) Nylon fish net
22 B-1,& 2, Germania Batteries Batteries
23 P-21 Goa Bottling Co. Pvt. Ltd. Ice plant cold storage, Breweries
24 D2-2 Goa Cables P. V. C. Cables
25 P-14 Goa Capacitors P.L. Power Capacitors
26 A-3 Goa Chemicals Thinners & varnishes
27 P-4, 4a & 4b Goa Dal & Besan Mill Food Products (Besan Floor)
28 C-5 Goa Metal Alloys & Castings Foundry
29 D2-4 & P-8 Goa MicoCellar Industry Micro Cellular Sheets
30 P-23 Goa Paints & Allied Products Paints
31 C-14, 15 P-8A & Godown Goa Plast Pvt. Ltd. Plastic containers
32 C-2 Goa Rubber Products Rubber moulders
33 D3-4 Godrej Hi- Care. House hold insectiside
34 P-4 & 4-A Gomant Foods Pvt. Ltd. Food Products
35 D2-12A Goodluck Indo Chem Varnish
36 D3-6A Graphic Print Arts Paper board Cartoons
37 P-3637, 38, 60,   62, 66 & 64 IFB Industries Ltd. Washing machines
38 D3-14 Indian Desalination Engg. P.L. ANTI scalanty scale inhabitors destination consumables
39 P-20 Irene Mascarehnas Machinary Servicing unit
40 C-8 Jeevanrekha Enterprises Pharmaceuticals Products.
41 D2-17 John Joa Lobo Electric Goods
42 C-16, 17&19 Joshi Metals Wick stoves
43 D3-3 Kamco Food Products Macaroni products
44 D2-8 Keni Soap Factory Washing soap
45 C-9 & C-11 Kingdom Industries Steel furniture
46 P-5 Krosfyre Corp. Plastic Products
47 D2-16 & P-10 a Lead power system pvt. Ltd. Battery Plates
48 P-74,To 78  82 To 86
London Star Diamond Co (India) P. Ltd
Cutting & polishing of diamonds
49 D2-11 Maharastra Dairy Products Ice Cream
50 D3-7 Manomay Interiors Pvt. Ltd. Collect Pins.
51 C-18 Metaliforms Steel fabrication
52 P-17 Michael Export Freezing & Cold Storage
53 D3-12A Micro Interconnection Pvt. Ltd. Printing circuit boards
54 Tanker Garage Midia Promotion Pvt. Ltd. Logistic
55 P-58 Modern Refrigeration Cooler, refregeration servicing
56 C-28, 29 Modular Timbers Wooden furniture
57 P-41,42 43 Montana Confectioners Pvt. Ltd. Bakery items
58 C-3 National Breweries IMFL
59 D3-10, 11 National Controls ( India.) Components of weighing
60 C-24,25 Navhind Papers & Publication Printing
61 P-3 AB Nova Tiles Tiles
62 P-3B Nunes Enterprises Ice plant
63 D3-2 Oriental Engg. Works Rolling shutters, workshop
64 C-7 Oriyon Mouldings Marble Polishing
65 D2-3 Packseal Packaging Packaging materials
66 C-4 Packwell Packaging & corrugated boxes
67 C-12 Palletizing & Handling Light Engg. Products
68 B3-5 Pave Well Interlocking Paving Blovks
69 P-8-B,13,15 Philips Weighmech P.L. Weighing scale
70 C-1 Plast O Pack Plastic Containers
71 D2-20 Prakash Color Cartons Ind. Offset printing & corrugated boxes
72 D2-9 Premier Industries Steel fabrication
73 C-26, 27 Progress Corrugated & Packing Industry Corrugated boxes
74 D3-15 Quality Testing Center Field Testing Center
75 C-13 Radhika Writing Instrument Ball pen
76 A-5 & P- 22 Rahul Coolers Ice plant, Cold storage
77 P-19 Rinvin Fabracators Steel Bearing Plates
78 C-22 Rocil Interiors Grills & Fabrication
79 P-24 Rocil Interiors Mosaic tiles
80 C-20 Rudra Print & Pack Paper board, cartons, printing of labels, catch cover paper, insert papers and corrugated boxes.
81 D2-1 S. R. Enterprises Corrugated boxes, boards, etc.
82 P-13 Scoop Industries Ind. Oxygen gases
83 D3-1 Shashi Kalro Steel Fabrication
84 P-3-A Shirban Products Plastic Products
85 P-70. 71 Shiv Samarth Motors Vehicle body building
86 P-1 & 10 Sona Tapes Pvt. Ltd. Tape & rip fishers
87 D2-5 Sundaram Industries Ltd. Phenyl & liquid soap
88 P-18 Tiger Sheet Metal Works Metal Drums & Boxes
89 C-21 Utility Enterprises Aluminium furniture
90 D3-8 Vaishak Industry Printing & stationery
91 D2-14 &D2-15 Velvin Packing Corrugated boxes
92 D2-12 Vijay Tools Carbide tools
93 P-1-B-II Vimal Plastic Poly bags and carry bags
94 D2- 18 Vintage Cards & Creation Posters
95 A-2 Wai Wai Stationery Ball pen refils
96 D2-19 Welding & Engineering Welding electrical


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